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What's this all about, then?

WhelpStar is a web app built by breeders for breeders. Create profile cards, set up matings and track your gestation progress day by day through the gestation timeline. WhelpStar’s dashboard makes it easy to keep up to date with active matings and their progress so you never miss a due date. All matings are saved and kept in each animal's history to keep all of your records in one place.

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We're creating an ever evolving experience

WhelpStar is an ongoing project that will continue to develop in many ways. We'll be adding features at a steady rate, going above and beyond to make your WhelpStar experience a positive one.

WhelpStar is being developed by a small team of passionate people with like-minded goals, which means that we're always looking for feedback and working with the community to grow and create a home for all breeders.

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